Phenomenon of Hospitality

Dear hoteliers and restaurateurs from Poland, Europe and all of the world,

After 15 years of preparing and arranging the elements composed of knowledge and experience, with compliments for each one of you, starting from a hotel manager and ending with a hotel gardener, through teachers of our profession, those from vocational schools and those from universities, I hand on to a professional / occupational community my thoughts - considerations about phenomenon of hospitality. Hospitality, on which depends our existence, on which depends opinion about the cultural level in our country or in the place, where it is extended.

This which let me make an attempt to define anew a concept of hospitality is my over 30-year experience, which I gained during work and cooperation with fantastic professionals. I also made use of my knowledge about Guests' needs; those Guests, who I had the pleasure to serve not only on my own but also with directed by me teams of employees.

Hospitality is a conjunction of natural, direct, genuine and kind behaviours and activities of hosts and their representatives towards arriving and staying Guests (in known and unknown for them place), who expect from hoteliers and restaurateurs such behaviours. Guests can enjoy the hospitality on commercial and uncommercial basis.

Definition of Service Hospitality

It is a conjunction of conventional and unconventional behaviours and activities put into practice on commercial basis by Serving Service Providers in hotel and restaurant Guest service and those activities act positively on Guests' mood and behaviuor while staying in hotel or eating in restaurant.

Phenomenon of Service Hospitality

This phenomenon consist in one thing, that service hospitality was, is and always will be (more and more) present - current, because is needed by individual persons and all of occupational communities and institutional groups of people, who decide on choosing those places, where it is extended.

Thanks to that
Clients - Guests are becoming more and more aware and that they understand the significance of the words "quality" and "value" better and thanks to that hoteliers and restaurateurs realize this, Guests' expectations to experience service hospitality is equivalent to its will to feel fully satisfied after receiving ordered, booked or bought hospitable service.

It is us - the disciples of hotel industry, those who learn that profession as well as those who are professional hoteliers, restaurateurs, organizers of all kinds of tourism and wellness and spa services - that is

Serving Service Providers

who have the chance to learn and use with the highest thoroughness and competence the service hospitality, that is...

Invitating Hospitality, Welcoming Hospitality, Service Hospitality and Farewelling Hospitality.

The industry of service serving is becoming the biggest immaterial industry all over the world.

We should realise that straight after industry and services (commercial and uncommercial), which act in favour of human health and medical care, it is hospitable services (connected with relaxation, regeneration of vital powers, caring of family relations, meeting with friends and family as well as tourist travelling for the personal, cognitive, business or educational purpose) for which demand is getting bigger and bigger.

I use an expression "Serving Service Provider" - do not specialist flinch from this phrase, even though professions connected with hospitality were treated until recently as professions of servants and it was so, because employers and instructors put emphasis on constant and watchful serving to Guest during their stay in a commercial and hospitable object.

Serving Service Provider should with regard for importance of its profession realise without any trouble its role and see the difference / borders between hospitality which is extended for the commercial purpose and this one which is given as uncommercial product.

Professional at service hospitality is that person, who feels alive when he practice his occupation with conviction.

We should notice that it is harder and harder for many fields of business and commercial activity to do without ability of understanding the sense and using service and hospitable behaviours. It is not sufficient in many fields of public activities to be only a competent official; nowadays it is necessary to be also a hospitable official.

The importance of hospitable professions (not only connected with hotel industry) is getting up mainly because of that demand for service hospitality professionals is rising at a not comparable to other occupations rate.

Therefore, who instead of service hospitality professionals will mould the styles and form of service and pro-hospitable behaviours towards clients or petitioners, not always considered as if they were Guests.

When it comes to hospitable professions, we should always set the old and learn the new concepts in practice and theory. We, hospitality professionals need to understand them the best and we need to be able to use them in our vocational life. For example:

Cleaning-up, Removal, Busyness
Individualis, Individuality, Personality
Charging, taking, receiving
Noticing, Perceiving all Guests' needs
Service Management, Commercial Hospitality Management
Work Efficiency, Goodwill (will to commited work)
Hospitable Service, Hospitable Care
(in wellness & spa hotel)

We should be fully aware that at the beginning it was and I think that it will always be family hospitality as well as local communities or national hospitality.

And that is why we - Serving Service Providers - are able to and we should draw information from this source about what our Guest may or should require from us.

Therefore we want to hand on to a wide professional community of Serving Service Providers starting from managers and ending with simple service personnel in Poland of outside it boarders the first key for standardization and positioning the service hospitality towards the non-service one.

Uncommercial Hospitality


Service Hospitality


replaced by



replaced by



replaced by



replaced by



replaced by



reolaced by


Personal Thoughtfulness

replaced by

Responsibility for

  • interpersonal
  • servicing
  • material safety

Personal Uprightness

  • information uprightnness
  • commitment uprightness
  • material uprightness

replaced by

Personal Reliability

  • service reliability
  • report reliability
  • information reliability

NaturaI Uncessantness

replaced by

Committed Consistency

Casual Behaviour

replaced by

Procedural Action

Uncommercial hospitality is extended disobligingly - individually and collectively - as a reflection of one rule: people for and towards people


Commercial hospitality is created and extended - individually and collectively -by Serving Service Providers towards Customers and Guest staying in hotels, restaurants etc.


I hope that my consideration open local / national and international discussion abort the phenomenon of service hospitality and first of all about ways of educational formation and improve the importance of service and hospitable professions.

I believe that initiative which led me to establish Polish Academy of Hospitality (it is not the academy of polish hospitality) will be accepted by our professional community everywhere where the information about it will get.

At this point I would also want to give expression of our gratitude to our families and friends for their understanding and patience and for acceptance of our continuous and necessary serving our phenomenal Guests.

Zbigniew Kowalski
Founder and Initiator of Polish Academy of Hospitality

Zbigniew Kowalski, Graduate of Gastronomic Technical College and Economic University in Wroclaw (specialisation of hotel management), hotel and gastronomic specialist with 30 years of experience in hospitality industry and 13 years career as Chef Steward on a luxury ferries and passenger liners.
Approved authority and professional, lecturer and lobbyist on international market of commercial hospitality services.
From 1992 Board President of polish longest operating branch consulting and managing company.
Since 1995 Polish Delegate of European Council for Gastronomy, Wine Industry and Tourism from nomination of European Foundation.