Idea of PAH share

Hospitality Assistant from Poland©

PolishAcademy of Hospitality Proeducational Foundation has decided to come into its operation on the market of hospitality services through popularizing PAH credo:

"Be not forgetful of hospitality, for by it some have unawares entertained angels"
or in your national language.

This saying reminds us, both professional hoteliers, restaurateurs, all tourism organizers, spa&wellness providers and hostellerie disciples, who have just started learning this profession, what the sense and goal of our work is like.

Polish Academy of Hospitality have popularized those values so far promoting proeducational activities connected with service hospitality phenomenon, creating for young people conditions to their interests development and to increase their competence in service and hospitality branch.

However we would like to introduce to you our new brand – the easiest and the cheapest training product – a personal mug with PAH credo on it, which was created by specialists – hoteliers and restaurateurs gathered next to Academy.

This brand is Hospitality Assistant from Poland©, which is a high-quality and working life porcelain mug, which is about to support everyday efforts of hotel and restaurant Owners and Managers in keeping prohospitable and proqualitative awareness  among employed staff (at every, not only service posts).

Hospitality Assistant from Poland© can and should be for you and your staff some kind of a support in the new year, an interesting farewell gift form retiring hoteliers, it can accompany disciples and trainees from the beginning of their professional route, reminding of Hospitality. There are many ways of use of our Assistant, but the most important one is to remind us what for and for whom we do our job.

„It is not possible to satisfy higher needs, when those basic one are not satisfied”… this saying encouraged us to create the real base, which is to secure PolishAcademy of Hospitality functioning. As contemporary conditions show, being guided only by goodwill and great engagement, Academy will not manage to attain its goal. That is why such commercial initiatives as organization of conventions, seminars and trainings as well as patrons’ support and distribution of unique Hospitality Assistants from Poland© constitute the components of PolishAcademy of Hospitality economic structure.

It is possible to acquire Hospitality Assistants from Poland© now!

Those bricks of PAH can be ordered by everyone working in our branch, by branch institutions and companies from Poland and from abroad. We invite all people, who find the PolishAcademy of Hospitality idea and initiative interesting and close to their personal opinions.