Hospitality Professionals' World Congress


Wroclaw, Poland

under the motto:

 XXI. century - the age of commercial hospitality

The main Congress theses:

more professionals for hospitality
regional and supraregional education, in-service training, commercial hospitality management in the XXI. century

more hospitality within profession

about hospitality industry and the influence of good practices on the enrichment of other service professions

real quality for commercial hospitality
suppliers & partners - the influence and co-responsibility for the hospitality services' quality


Initiator and main organizer:

Polish AcademY of Hospitality -
International Hospitality and Proeducational Foundation

Strategic co-organizer and profi partner:

Convention Bureau Wroclaw

For whom is this Congress?

  • for everyone who professionally provides hospitality services ashore, at sea and in the air:
    • general managers, executive hotel managers, high- and middle-level managers from chain and individual hotels who work in the hospitality industry ashore, at sea and in the air
    • owners and managers of family-owned hotels
    • restaurateurs from hotel and individual restaurants as well as catering companies
  • for representatives and members of domestic and international hospitality associations and foundations which act for the hospitality professionals' communities
  • for experts and consultants in the hospitality industry from all over the world
  • for founders and directors of hotel and gastronomy schools and colleges
  • for lecturers and teachers from hotel and gastronomy schools and colleges
  • for authors of textbooks on hospitality professions
  • for representatives of student hospitality associations
  • for representatives of manufacturing, trading and service companies involved in the hospitality industry
  • for hotel and restaurant investors
  • for representatives of financial organizations interested in the development of hospitality infrastructure
  • for representatives of the insurance companies which specialize in insuring the hospitality industry against the material and non-material risks.

Congress accompanying events:

Professionals' Forum:

Debate on the project of awarding the nominated world metropolises the name of:


prestigious, hospitality prize awarded by
the world community of hospitality professionals
to the metropolises and cities as local hospitality professionals' communities


The finals of the World Commercial Hospitality
Photography Contest:

During the Congress the I. Commercial Hospitality Photography Contest
will take place. After the Congress a Book of Commercial Hospitality Photography will be published.



The Congress will take place under the patronage of
the President of the City of Wroclaw:

The congress will take place under the auspices of
the National Delegate for Poland of the European Council of Gastronomy, Enology and Hospitality Industry Mr. Zbigniew Kowalski


The invitation to cooperate with the Congress organizers as lecturers and members of the Congress commissions is extended to the representatives of the international, domestic and regional organizations and hospitality professionals' associations as well as to lecturers from hotel and gastronomy schools and colleges and the representatives of the capital, investors' and insurance groups which act for the development of the hospitality industry ashore, at sea and in the air.


We dedicate a unique and universal credo to the Congress participants:

"Be not forgetful of hospitality;
for by it some have unawares entertained angels

The plenary sessions and Congress symposia will take place

at the new Regional Centre of Business Tourism in Wroclaw (Poland) which is a part of the architectural complex of the Centennial Hall recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2006 (built 1911-13, architect Max Berg).

Congress Press Bureau:
Cracow 31-137, Poland, 17 Siemiradzkiego Street, Flat 1
tel./fax: (+ 48 12) 633 62 20, mob.: 601 678 450

Congress spokesperson:
Anna Skrzypczak, secretary of the Polish Academy of Hospitality