About Foundation

Polish Academy of Hospitality - a non-governmental organization; it is the only one foundation pro-educational of this kind, which acts in a field of commercial hospitality management. There is no school, centre, college or organization in any of European Union countries, which may be called as Academy of Hospitality.

Polish Academy of Hospitality credo and the main idea of committed and full of quality work is this maxim:
"Be not forgetful of hospitality,
for by it some have unawares entertained angels"

This Foundation - Polish Academy of Hospitality - was registered on 18th August 2004 in the District Court in Cracow under this number: KRS 0000215176.
The foundation is located in the city of Cracow.
Its Founder is Zbigniew Kowalski, which was honoured by International Committee of European Foundation with a function of Domestic Delegate in Poland of European Council for Gastronomy, Wine Industry and Tourism (Nomination Certificate no. P/94-10/MP/002 from 17th October 1994, Ratification Certificate no. DN/113/DIR-95 z from 2nd March 1995).

The activity of Polish Academy of Hospitality is oriented on function connected with development of rules concerning widely understood service hospitality and especially in the range of such specialties as: hostellerie, tourism, spa&wellness and gastronomy.
Foundation works also through branch marketing and centers of branch education in Poland and outside its boarders.

The main matter of PAH activity is:
  • Pro-educational and educational activity for the benefits of individual persons, associations and hotel groups, which function in the field of commercial hospitality
  • Publishing and typographic / printing activity
  • Advertising activity
  • Marketing activity
  • Consulting in the range of running business and management in professions connected with service and hospitable branch
  • Organization (in Poland and outside its boarders) trade and branch fairs as well as expositions and congresses - conventions connected with service and hospitable branch.
The goal of Polish Academy of Hospitality is:
  1. publicizing and popularization of polish hospitality in polish community and among different nations
  2. creation for young people great conditions so that they could increase their interests and that they could study service and hospitable branch, support them in taking up study in these professions and in their active practice after graduation
  3. influence and support of individual or collective initiatives in the range of creation new specialties in professions and services connected witch hospitality branch
  4. financial support of conceptions, programs and projects connected with service and hospitable branch, especially taking under consideration preservation of culture and polish tradition in commercial hospitable services
  5. initiating and creating of family model in professional management of services connected with hospitable branch
  6. initiating and support of growth of the quality management systems and control systems in services of polish service and hospitable branch
  7. creation for polish individual and collective initiatives in service and hospitable branch equal chances to their growth in the range of European and global competition
  8. activity connected with consulting and promotion support of polish food, equipment and beverage producers, which are meant for service and hospitable branch in Poland and outside its boarders
  9. creation of a coherent model of professional communities growth, which base their existence on working in service hospitality
  10. popularization among domestic / national and international professional communities Foundation credo: "Be not forgetful of hospitality, for by it some have unawares entertained angels".